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Cochs Pensjonat
Parkveien 25 N - 0350 Oslo

Telefon +47 23 33 24 00
Telefax +47 23 33 24 10 939 194 428 MVA


Back to the Bohemian Christiania of old

Since 1887 Lorry has been frequented by artists, writers, actors and Bohemians – but mostly by ordinary people. Drawings and paintings by well-known artists hang on the walls, and Lorry also boasts an abundance of remarkable objects. The venue has soul and charm, though at peak times it can get very crowded. The food is traditional, but the range of beer is in a class of its own – a total of 129 types are available.

Reasonably-priced, with plenty going on
at weekends

A pleasant spot that serves American/Mexican food in an American sports bar. Both old and new hits are played in the evening. During the week you can relax with a good inexpensive meal with beer or wine. Everything happens at the weekends from 23.00 to the early hours, and there’s a dance floor in the basement. Opening hours are 18.00 – 24.00 Sundays to Thursdays, 18.00 – 0300 Fridays and Saturdays.

Peppes Pizza
A good juicy pizza – just how it should be

Located 200 metres up the road from Cochs, these pleasant premises are fitted out in pine. Comfy booths for two or eight persons, and a long table that accommodates many more. A pizza menu caters for all tastes, and burgers, lasagne and other dishes suitable for the smallest child are also served. Drink Coca Cola or beer with your meal, or a glass of wine if you prefer.


Kunstnernes Hus –
Favourite waterhole for artists

Kunsternes Hus (an artist-run exhibition hall for contemporary art) is just down the street from Cochs Pensjonat. 
Kunsternes Hus is becoming increasingly popular as a meeting-place in the evenings, especially towards the end of the week. You can wander around, glass in hand, mingling with other customers and joining in on conversations. And suddenly you’ve found new friends!








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